August News: 2017 Art Meets Science Exhibition

Opening 11 August 2017:
Sixteen artists with recently completed science-based artworks have been invited to exhibit at the sixth Art meets Science Exhibition at the Ecosciences Precinct. These artists include emerging, established independent award-winning artists, under graduates and doctoral students.

The artists are: Anastasia Tyurina | Donna Davis | Emma Lindsay | Érica Cristina Avelar | Frances Mulholland | Hong Vo + other Reef Ambassadors | Karen Benjamin | Kay Lawrence | Majid Chekroun | Maria Vandergragt | Megan Fury | Pamela See | Sarah Capon | Svetlana Trefilova | Tamsin Edwards-Frances | Tamzin Barber.

Ecosciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park Qld 4103. 11 Aug- 8 Sept. 8am -5pm Mon to Fri. #NationalScienceWeek2017 #QldGovernment #CSIRO #EmmaLindsay #endangeredspecies #GBRAnthropoceneProject #GreenTurtle #artsfunding #ArtsQld #TeamBCC

Image: Emma Lindsay 2017, Endangered Green Turtle: viable & unviable egg casings (Heron Island, February 2017), Digital photograph.

1. Endangered Green Turtle (viable & unviable egg casings) IMG_3745

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