Sites of Connection, 13 August-30 October 2021, University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery (curated group show).


Life on Earth, 5-15 June 2019, Metro Arts Brisbane (solo show, supported by TDC20).

Great Barrier Reef | Anthropocene Project (Artspace Mackay 4 Nov 2017- 11 Feb 2018).

Black Paintings (2014-2016; Queensland Museum research archive installation).

Extinction flock (29 extinct Australian bird specimens) (2012-2016; World Science Festival Queensland Museum Foyer Installation).

Hunter/Hunted (2013-2015)

Extinction project (2009-ongoing: Endangered & extinct species)

Lovesong (James Dorahy Project Space 2013

Emma Lindsay: Paintings (James Dorahy Project Space 2012

Bird line ups (2009-2013)

Simulacra (2009)

Emma Lindsay 2009 Elegy