June News: Night parrots and a collaboration…

Live night parrots discovered? Earlier today, The Australian newspaper published the claim of wildlife filmmaker John Young about his recent discovery of a live night parrot somewhere in the wilds of western Queensland. See: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/health-science/tweets-in-the-night-a-flash-of-green-is-this-our-most-elusive-bird/story-e6frg8y6-1226671683508 The last official night parrot was found in Diamantina National Park in far western Queensland in late 2006, and this specimen […]

Lovesong: New paintings by Emma Lindsay: James Dorahy Project Space 26 Mar- 21 April 2013.

My second exhibition on theProject Wall @  James Dorahy Project Space will open 26th March, 2013. ‘Lovesong’ is a series of portraits based on the everyday birds of our urban, domestic and backyard spaces. Lovesong is particularly dedicated to the everyday wild birds that visit my garden. I wake to birdsong, and have a couple of […]