2019 Exhibition News | Emma Lindsay ‘Life on Earth’, June 5-15, Metro Arts Brisbane

Save the date… Opening on World Environment Day 2019:


JUNE 5-15, 2019 | METRO ARTS  Brisbane, Australia.


My next solo show Life on Earth recreates selected intense moments and memories with wild and often threatened species, encountered during global fieldtrips to desert, Arctic, reef and museum sites between 2011-2018. These new paintings and field-trip video works continue my ongoing long-term studio investigation Anthropocene Project, exploring personal encounters with disappearing species and environments through art.

I grew up believing that environments untouched by humanity still existed on Earth, based on David Attenborough’s nature TV documentaries such as Life on Earth. I was later heartbroken to learn Attenborough’s ‘Nature’ was an aesthetic camera-constructed illusion, with all traces of humans carefully edited out of the frame.  The Life on Earth exhibition reframes the standard ‘wild Nature’ conversation, via moments of animal encounter seen during my field trips  in this time of the sixth mass extinction crisis, climate change, and unlimited human activities on the Biosphere.

The exhibition offers a visual conversation about biodiversity and geographic zones at risk of disappearing: an invitation to consider how care and complicity intersects between art, science, culture, and all Life on Earth.



This exhibition is supported by one of The Dean Collection’s 20 global TDC20 St(Art)Up Grants.


Main image: Emma Lindsay. Detail from work ‘Borderlines’ in progress during Sonoran Artist Residency, Ajo Arizona 2018.