May News: Emma Griffiths Drive with ABC Radio Brisbane May 9 Interview with Emma Lindsay- Extinction Flock at the University of Queensland Art Museum

Emma Griffiths recently interviewed Emma Lindsay on the ABC Radio Brisbane Drive Program, to chat about the extinct Australian bird specimens featured in the Extinction flock painting series, currently on view at the University of Queensland Art Museum’s The Dust Never Settles exhibition until July 30, 2017.

It also includes a tidbit about the upcoming exhibition for Artspace Mackay in November 2017, Great Barrier Reef: Anthropocene Project (A project in development and supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Brisbane City Council).

To hear the interview ‘Expand Your Brain: Emma Lindsay’s Extinction Flock’ online please follow the link:

Emma Lindsay 2016, ‘Roper River scrub-robin (Drymodes supercilliaris colcloughi), male (left) American Museum of Natural History, female (right) Queensland Museum’, Oil on linen. Collection: University of Queensland Art Museum. Photo: Carl Warner.

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