UQAM Panel 10 May 2017, 6pm: Desperate times: Art and environmental action

Desperate times: Art and environmental action

Panel podcast recording: https://soundcloud.com/uqartmuseum/desperate-times-art-and-environmental-action

Wednesday 10 May
6.00 for 6.45 pm: Viewing of The Dust Never Settles exhibition, with refreshments UQ Art Museum (#11)
7.00 pm: Panel Discussion Sir Llew Edwards Building Auditorium (#14) 

Join us for a critical discussion and debate around environmental research, policy, the law and activism, as well as the role artists take in this work. This discussion coincides with World Migratory Bird Day.


Dr Barbara Campbell is a renowned visual artist with a focus on performance. Campbell’s recent research has explored the paths of migratory shorebirds on the East Asian-Australasian flyway.

Dr Emma Lindsay’s paintings and interdisciplinary projects explore the connections between historical and contemporary culture, the natural world, and the endangerment and extinction of species during the Anthropocene epoch.

Associate Professor Richard Fuller (UQ School of Biological Sciences) works in the areas of biodiversity and conservation, spanning the fields of biogeography, urban ecology, and conservation planning and psychology. Fuller’s work investigates interactions between people and nature, and how these relationships can be shaped to converge on coherent solutions to the biodiversity crisis, which has pushed many species to the brink of extinction.

Dr Chris McGrath is Senior Lecturer, Environmental Regulation in UQ’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and author of the website Environmental Law Australia. McGrath is a barrister specialising in environmental regulation, and acted as counsel in litigation against approval of the Carmichael Coal Mine in the Land Court of Queensland and the Federal Court of Australia.

Professor Karen Hussey, chair of the discussion, is Deputy Director at the Global Change Institute at UQ. Trained as a political scientist and economist, Hussey undertakes research in the field of public policy and governance, with a particular interest in public policy relating to sustainable development.

FREE. Places limited. Please RSVP early to avoid disappointment.

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