December 2016 Update: ‘Black paintings’ (PhD works shown in the Queensland Museum Archive, March 2016)

An additional series of 3 large scale Black paintings arose from the painting Extinct Kangaroo Island emu, that formed part of the Extinction flock (29 extinct Australian bird specimens) series shown to the public during the World Science Festival Brisbane 2016. These paintings are an emotive, larger-than-life connection to the famous examples of international bird extinctions from known anthropogenic causes: The Passenger pigeon (America), and the Dodo (Mauritius). The third painting reflects on the sighting of a specimen labelled a desert Night parrot in the Extinction Room of the MNHN in Paris (2012), which had the distinctive elegance of long tail, foot, and the orange frontal band of its close relative the coastal Ground parrot.

While these paintings were shown as part of my PhD exhibition, the examiners and QM staff were the only ones who could share the privileged behind-the-scenes view of the paintings installed within the restricted access zoological archive, echoing the privilege I had had as a researcher visiting these specimens overseas. For enquiries, please visit the contact page for email information.

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