June 2016 News: New acquisition to the UQAM Collection: Emma Lindsay ‘Extinction flock (29 extinct Australian birds)’

When I made my Extinction flock (29 extinct Australian birds) for my practice-led research PhD, it was my intention to keep the flock together, ideally to be held in a public institution where any member of the public could visit and see the ‘specimens’ for themselves. The 29 life-scale paintings were shown at the World Science Festival Brisbane 2016 and were seen by over 62,000 people over 5 days. By sitting with them for that time, I saw first hand how audiences responded to and were moved by these little-seen extinct bird specimens.

I am delighted to confirm that the entire flock of paintings have been acquired for the University of Queensland Art Museum Collection through Heiser Gallery in Brisbane. My sincere thanks to all parties involved, and for supporting my vision for these works.

The King Island Emu (Dromaius ater) Musée national d’Histoire naturelle (France), one of the oldest and rarest of the extinct flock specimens, will be displayed on the UQ Art Museum’s New to the Collection wall during July 2016. For more information please visit the UQAM blog (28 June 2016 post).

© Emma Lindsay 2014 King Island emu (Dromaius ater), Musee national d’Histoire naturelle (France), oil on linen, 120cm (h) x 60cm (w). Collection of UQAM. Photo: Carl Warner.



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