July 2014 News

E Lindsay 2013 Extinct dwarf Kangaroo island emu (dromaius baudinianus) oil on belgian linen. Collection of the artist. Catalogue cover 2014 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize.








In late July the work of 101 finalists of the 2014 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize finally opened to the public. Congratulations to all of the winners.

A big thank you to everyone who forwarded words of encouragement and support of my work in this prize. It is really appreciated. Turns out my Extinct dwarf Kangaroo Island emu landed the 2014 Waterhouse Prize catalogue cover (thanks for the heads up Nicola). While I haven’t seen the hard copy of the catalogue just yet, a digital copy of finalist works can be seen online at this link:


Now back in the studio and getting ready for my New York residency in October, so things will be a little quiet for the rest of 2014.


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