October exhibition news


October has been a busy month in the studio. I’ve completed my photographic museum fieldwork for my post-graduate research project, which has resulted in a self-published book of photographs that made its debut in the Marrickville Garage exhibition Bookish shown in Sydney on the 4th-6th October. Information on the show and the full list of participating artists can be seen here: http://marrickvillegarage.com/2013/09/29/october-projects-2013/

My work Bloom (Endangered star, Gouldian & crimson white-bellied finches) also flew off to its new nest in Newcastle this month.

OTHER SPACE: Opening & artist talk OCT 25

New experimental photographic work I’ve been playing with in the studio will be shown as part of the guest artist exhibition program curated by Sue Beyer at the new Other Space Gallery, Blackbutt, Queensland. The opening night and artist talk will be on Friday 25th October @ 6pm.

‘Emma Lindsay is traditionally an oil painter, but for this show she is using the Instagram app. with photographs that explore the landscape as it is domesticated (inside the suburban dwelling) and through introduced species (the fox). These elements of the Australian landscape that belong yet do not belong to the Australian environment hold specific interest as they stand in for our own post-natural relationship with this alien environment. The fox’s fur, like European skin, is a stranger to scorching sun, drought and desert, and represents a threat to the native inhabitants. It is a positive part of European folklore where the species is common, yet is considered an unwelcome feral pest in the Australian landscape for the destruction it wreaks on native animal populations. As an Australian of European ancestry, the fox articulates Emma’s own ambivalent feelings about being ‘a stranger in a strange land’ even though she is Australian born.’

(Text: Emma Lindsay & Sarah Newall. Photo: Sue Beyer).

NB: Images will be uploaded to the blog after the 25th October.



Stay tuned…

I’m also working on studio paintings for two Brisbane group shows scheduled for late October/November 2013 and January 2014. More news to follow…

e x

P.S. This week I said goodbye to the best studio cat ever –

RIP Henry Lindsay 8th Nov 1997- 8 October 2013.

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