Lovesong: New paintings by Emma Lindsay: James Dorahy Project Space 26 Mar- 21 April 2013.

My second exhibition on theProject Wall @  James Dorahy Project Space will open 26th March, 2013. ‘Lovesong’ is a series of portraits based on the everyday birds of our urban, domestic and backyard spaces.

Lovesong is particularly dedicated to the everyday wild birds that visit my garden. I wake to birdsong, and have a couple of favourite locals who like to sing outside my studio window along to my music as I paint. Some Australian birds, like the pet budgie or the butcherbird, seem to be so ubiquitous at times that the idea of them ever disappearing seems impossible. But the sight of a lorikeet lying on the side of the road often jolts me to tears, reminding of the transience of life. A few of my family members and friends have similar experiences of sorrow seeing the loss of a local bird, especially one they have been feeding from their back verandah. These responses to the death of familiar birds, and my concern regarding the ongoing extinction of bird species worldwide, led me to consider how we would feel if our everyday birds became extinct. What if the song of my studio butcherbird was gone forever?

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Wednesday 26 March.
All welcome.

Project Wall @ James Dorahy Project Space,
Suite 4, Level 1 Minerva Bldg, 111 Macleay St Potts Point NSW.

26 March- 21 April 2013. Tues – Sat 10-5pm, Sun 11-4pm. For all sales enquiries, please phone gallery on: 02 9358 2585.

NB: Six-to-eight reviewed this show. To read about it go to this link:

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